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Thursday, 12 January 2012

some classic and not-so classic horror movies

I've been a fan of the classic horror movie ever since I was young, under ten, and Channel 9 started showing late night classic horror on friday nights.  Come to think about it, it probably started before that.  The first time I watched  the 1963 version of 'The Nutty Professor' I was around five of six I think.  During the metamorphosis, when that hairy hand crept up onto the desk, I hid my head under a blanket.  It scared me so much, my brother felt a cold shiver.  Of course at the time I didn't realise it was a comedy, I barely knew Jerry Lewis.   However, it taught me a valuable lesson while watching horror movies; always keep a blanket ready, preferably with a little hole I can peek through.  Of course I don't use a blanket now, I'm over 40 years old... I've learned to squint or pretend I'm asleep.  So here are a few of the horrors I've come across over the years....
Let's start with the classic of classics shall we?

The Wolfman

I think The Wolfman would have to be my all time favourite classic horror.  I've watched when I was a child and couldn't wait to get my own copy on DVD.  No matter where I move to, I always keep a copy.  I shouldn't think I would need to explain the story line, but for the uneducated you can just click on the image and it will take you to a sight that will. When the remake came out in 2010, I dragged my pretty partner with me to see it.  That's not true, she actually bought the tickets, as she knows my needs.  I can't imagine they could have a picked a better actor than Benicio del toro to play Lawrence Talbot, originally played by Lon Channey Jr.  If you are one of those few living in the bubble that haven't seen The Wolfman, then I urge you to watch it, either version.


Another classic is of course Dracula.  I prefer the 1992 version myself; although Renfield, played by Dwight Frye in the 1931 version is unforgettable.

Dwight really made the movie I think, otherwise it was just Dracula...looking... Another version worth watching is a comedy with Leslie Nielson, Dracula: dead and loving it.  Renfield is played by Peter Macnicol  who does a pretty wicked job also.  There are of course a plethora of Dracula movies, but these would have to be a couple of my favourites.

The Fly 

Once again I've opted for a later version of the classic, because I just think it's better.  Not that I'm not
 a fan of Vincent Price. I think he's a great actor and I like his other movies, such as Tales of Terror, the Raven or House on haunted hill.  I just thought the fly was played better by Jeff Goldblum and of course the technology was better to do more with the movie graphically.  Either one you watch, it's  groovy tale.

Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein

I know this isn't exactly a horror, but it is classic and it's awesome and it's MY BLOGG.  The best thing about this movie is that it's got the classic monsters played by the original actors, except Frankenstein played by Glenn Strange,  and...Abbot and Costello.  If you don't like this madcap duo then step off the platform and into the train sister.  If you haven't already, once you've seen this you'll want to watch more of their movies, as they're addictive.  Have fun...

An American werewolf in Paris

This is a great werewolf action-kill everything movie.  It all you want in a horror movie.  Shock, gore and comedy.  It's possibly my second favourite werewolf flick after Wolfman.  It's similar to an American werewolf in London, in that some american boys are travelling through europe. However I think the action is better and it runs at a faster pace.  Definitely one for the fans, or anyone who likes a good horror flick.

30 Days of night

This is one scary movie.  It's a vampire movie set in an Alaskan town, where night falls for one month solid. They can't hold on until morning light; it's not coming for a long time.  A group of vampires ravage the town, where only a few people are left.  Most of the residents have gone to warmer pastures until the sun comes back.  The victims that are left soon wish they had of followed.  Danny huston plays the leader of the vampiric group and, I think, pulls it off.  Australia's own Melisa George and Josh Hartnett play the hero and heroin duo.  The film carries the excitement right through.  None of this, 'there's monsters after us, we should probably waist 20 minutes on sex.'  I enjoyed the film and, if your the one who hasn't already seen it, I recommend it.


I don't think I can list werewolf and vampire films without adding the underworld series.  It was inevitable, I suppose, that with all the debate of which was the most popular creature of the night, vampires or werewolves, an idea finally rose for a story of a war between them.  It's also interesting that of the two creatures, the one who keeps their human form the most, the vampire, is the dominant species. Nevertheless, it worked and the film was a hit, as was the rest of the series.  Whether it's vampires hunting the werewolf, the blood thirsty acts of the werewolves, or just watching Kate Beckinsale running and leaping in that tight black suit.  Hugging every crevice of her.... uh-hem....  
Once you've seen one you need to see Evolution, Rise of the Lycans and Awakening.  Ok, Awakening wasn't quite as good as the rest but it's part of the series, so it must be done. Make a night of it, when Awakening comes out on DVD.   Gets some popcorn, red bull or coffee spiked with a couple of caffeine tablets, a comfortable chair and have fun.